About the Child Impact Program

The Child Impact Program is a court ordered four hour course required of all parents of children under age 18 who are in the process of divorce or, for other reasons, required to have a parenting plan (custody and financial support). The purpose is to help parents understand the impact of divorce/separation/custody issues on children.

We offer suggestions on how to help their children adjust to this new situation and avoid any harmful effects. The focus is on encouraging participants to move beyond their troubled relationship as a couple and develop a newly defined relationship as co-parents who find ways to work together to raise their children.

Program Cost

The cost of the program is $85.00 per person.

Reduced Fee Option

To qualify for a reduced fee of $50.00, a person has to either currently receive NH needs based assistance (includes EBT and Medicaid), or their income has to be below 100% of poverty for themselves and the number of children they support.

  • For needs based assistance, proof is required, including either a copy of a statement from DHHS explaining their benefits or photo copies of their benefit cards.
  • For low income families, a copy of a notarized financial affidavit is required. People can refer to the 2021 Poverty Guidelines to see if they qualify.

If a person does not meet either of those qualifications OR cannot afford the reduced fee, they need to contact their court to apply for a full fee waiver or further-reduced fee than SMHC can offer.

If requesting a reduced or waived fee, do not register on-line. Gather the requested information and email Patsy Onatah at

For further information about the Child Impact Program and other locations available please go to


In person classes are not being offered at this time. All classes are conducted using Zoom. You are required to have a device capable of using audio and video during the entire four hour class

If you are uncomfortable attending this program with the co-parent, or are legally prohibited from attending together, be sure to fill out the last two spaces on the registration form. If necessary, you may be directed to another class. Please note that participants must register and pay separately for classes.


Refunds of registration fees will be forfeited if class is not taken within 6 months of initial registration.


Click HERE to begin the registration and payment process.